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Anthony Soyer MB, BS - Integrated doctor.

26 years as a conventional & natural health practitioner, focusing now on life coaching.

"I have found the Oriental and Western products and formulas to be of exceptional therapeutic benefit in a world where quality nutrients, as nature intended, are hard to find.

Oriental and Western have a profound commitment to healing and helping us stay healthy through their innovative product design. Their formulas and ingredients are the result of decades of research into what really works with individuals."

Email: anthonysoyer@yahoo.com

Dr. Ray Y. S. Choy M.B.,B.S - Medical Director, Nightingale Allergy and Nutrition Clinic, Wimpole Street, London.

Worked in hospital medicine and general practice for 5 years.  Subsequently specialises in Allergy and Nutritional Medicine, of which he has now had 28 years experience.

"As someone who understands the importance of providing the body with the correct resources to enable it to function correctly I avoid isolated vitamin & mineral supplements, where possible.  Those isolates, such as calcium carbonate, are not recognised by the body and can therefore, far from being beneficial, cause extra problems.  Misplaced calcium, for example, which the body cannot metabolise efficiently, increases the likelihood of kidney stones forming and painful calcareous growths developing around the joints.

I feel confident in using Oriental and Western supplements, because they are in a form that the body recognises & can utilise efficiently to heal itself without being unbalanced."

Marc Salmon, MSc O.H.M., Dip. Ac, Dip B.F.D, Dip. HTOX

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese and Herbal medicine and Homo-toxicology

"Working with Chinese Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy supplemental nutrition is an essential part of overall treatment. I only recommend Food State supplements for their high tolerability, quick access in targeting the cellular structure and the low dosages used reduces adverse side effects without losing any efficacy. Health Fountain's products are the culmination of years of research and have shown to be constantly effective".

Contact: marcsalmon@thegardenclinic.net

Rosamund Walters

Author and Canine Nutritionist

"I have taken these Food State Supplements for at least 25 years and during that time I have had neither a cold nor flu. In recently years, I recovered from a serious heart operation (due to still doing 7 day weeks in retirement) very quickly, which in my opinion was due solely to Food State Supplements and Eric Llewellyn's nutritional advice.

I have also used the equine and canine formulas on many animals whom have lived well beyond their normal life span. "